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quality and control

Marc Nicol

Christo Müller

Craig Lovelidge

At The Affinity Group, we take immense pride in our commitment to outstanding service. Our team’s extensive experience offers organisations invaluable support in optimising their investment, minimising their risk, delivering quality, and generating social and commercial value. Our services include:


  • Concept development  

  • Brand standards  

  • Technical standards  

  • Design development  

  • Design management  

  • Permitting and approvals  

  • Construction and delivery management  

Design & Architecture:

  • Budget development 

  • Procurement and tender management 

  • Contract negotiation 

  • Supplier management 

  • Cost control 

  • Change order diligence 

  • Final cost reconciliation 

Cost Management

  • Comprehensive project delivery   

  • Contract and sub-contractor management  

  • Stakeholder partnership and project updates 

  • Brand guideline adherence 

  • Programme management 

  • Bespoke start-to-finish planning 

Project Management

Bart Lans

Thom Oosterhof

Jonny Wray

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 162,

1012 SJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Amsterdam, NL

Neue Mainzer Str. 66-68

60311 Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt, DE

Slovenska Cesta 56
1000 Ljubljana

Ljubljana, SVN

Kevin Tiernan

Kevin Tiernan

Vladyslava Mitali

Our Promise

Consider us your uber honest and direct project delivery colleagues. We're geared to get the job done. Every project we work on is guided by these commitments:  

Our model works. Our strategy works. We deliver. 


We deal with facts. If there's bad news, you'll get the truth.

Hyper Honest

We build close working relationships based on a shared vision, brand value and growth, again and again.



Impactful decisions are made using industry knowledge and career experience. We detach emotions to focus on results.

High intelligence

Low emotion

We walk you through our 5-stage working process. Each step guarantees the success of the next. We don't work any other way. 

No shortcuts


Working across Retail, Hospitality and Commercial, we bring high value, clarity and confidence to our project owners.

Join our best-in-class consultants, contractors and suppliers

Kevin Tiernan

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Close relationships with partners we trust


The Affinity Group is a joint venture with Crossroads Real Estate

Delivering clarity
amongst the chaos

Across Hospitality, Retail, Commercial Real Estate and Logistics, major brands rely on The Affinity Group to deliver clear vision and real results, bringing ambition to life. 

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