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Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 162,

1012 SJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Amsterdam, NL

Neue Mainzer Str. 66-68

60311 Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt, DE

Slovenska Cesta 56
1000 Ljubljana

Ljubljana, SVN

There are no shortcuts to successful delivery. 

There are only facts and structure.

We approach every project with our Bespoke Delivery Model.

Five fixed steps. Guaranteed results.


The Affinity Group start here and only here. We get to understand your brief and everything else about your business: how mature your brand standards and guidelines are, your technical specifications, your growth ambitions and more.

The value with this step is a clearly defined project scope and concise alignment with your brand and vision.


We remove all emotion and expose the facts by conducting a thorough feasibility study on EVERY project. This gives you an undeniable insight into building conditions, regulation compliance, risk assessment, indicative costs and detailed timelines.

This step allows you to make unemotional commercial decisions that protect your brand standards and deliver on your project investment.  

Market Ready

Your project is beset by hidden unknowns (download the list) – it’s knowing how and when to get answers that gives you commercial clarity and procedural sanity.

This is the most crucial and valuable step in your pre-construction process; Your designs are finalised, costs are rationalised and your procurement strategy engaged. This ensures your next step will be a guaranteed success. 


An active project site and the start of the delivery phase is often confused with project management. However, 75% of your project management has already taken place in the previous three steps.  

Delivery in this step is the culmination of skilful planning and design. It's the phase in which you gain full transparency into the your project timeline and budget. 


Project observations and feedback increase learning and improvement of under-performing actions and outcomes.

A valuable step that builds long-lasting partnerships for future projects based on honesty and intelligence. 

Across Hospitality, Retail, and Commercial Real Estate, major brands rely on The Affinity Group

to deliver clear vision and real results, bringing ambition to life. 

Delivering clarity
amongst the chaos

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